Okay. My boyfriend and I broke up recently and I’m trying to get him out of my head. I’ve decided that as much as I love these things, I’m going to give away all of the gifts that he gave me! Which is good news for you!

This giveaway contains:

10 Shirts (all are size adult M)
-Falling In Reverse zombie
-Deadview Project pumpkin killer
-Pierce the Veil San Diego eagle?
-Pierce the Veil red logo with CWTS girl
-Pierce the Veil sugar skull
-Glamour Kills Moon Pigs Love Moon Figs
-Warped Tour 2012 presale shirt
-OFWGKTA black
-HIM long sleeve thermal 

CWTS record on white vinyl. I have never opened this. I’ve just had it set out as decoration.  

Pierce the Veil Rosary

Pierce the Veil lyric book. It’s signed by all four of them in the middle!

2 pairs of sunglasses

2 rubber bracelets:
-I <3 mustache
-party sleep repeat. 

2 zombie keychains - unopened

Nyan cat wallet. I’ve only used it a few times, so it’s basically brand new. 


Yeah, so basically all of this stuff can be yours. Here are the rules:

There will be one winner. I would like to split this stuff up and have a whole bunch of winners, but I think that shipping would be ridiculous and I’m a poor college kid. So if you win, you get everything.

Make sure your ask box is open so I can message you in case you win. If I can’t message you, I’ll have to pick someone else!

You must be following me (sixmillionsongbirds) to win. 

Reblog as many times as you want. Likes count too.

Do not message me asking me to give this stuff to you! I would love to, but that’s not fair to everyone else! If you want it, like/reblog the post! :)

The winner will be randomly chosen on October 1st. I will announce the winner on this blog.

If you win, I will message you and ship your new things immediately after you give me your address.

Since it’s only one package, I will ship anywhere in the world. So if you live in Botswana or something, don’t despair!

Good luck!

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