Anonymous: This pressure to have one's life figured out at 20 really sucks. I'm 20 and have no idea what I want in life, and that's okay. :) And I think it's great if you want to be an amazing wife and mom! That's something respectable, too, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise! I wish you the best! 

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Awh. Thank you. :) <3

He&#8217;s a champ!


my g spot is located about 2 inches inside your wallet

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Do you wanna get a blow joooob? Lol this might be TMI for some.

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Alright Imma be honest I’m bored so Imma just answer these questions you don’t have to read it lol

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Anonymous: Your followers are your friends. We've followed you for years, and we have your back. <3 You're never alone here 

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Awh, thank you! That’s so sweet <3 :)